No such algorithm exception log


When you connect to an external OpenID Connect(OIDC) provider, such as Keycloak, you might see an exception logged in the manager pod. The exception starts with the following lines.

WARN  io.vertx.ext.auth.oauth2.impl.OAuth2AuthProviderImpl - [:] Unsupported JWK
java.lang.RuntimeException: <Algorithm>
    at io.vertx.ext.auth.impl.jose.JWK.<init>( ~[vertx-auth-common-4.4.1.jar:4.4.1]

Where <Algorithm> indicates the unsupported algorithm. Keycloak, for example, does not support the algorithm RSA-OAEP.


The OIDC provider has a JWK in its jwks_uri endpoint that uses an algorithm that is not supported by Event Endpoint Management.

Resolving the problem

Typically, this warning can be ignored because the key is not needed in the OIDC flow. For example, when using a default Keycloak setup, the jwks_uri endpoint from the OIDC discovery document returns two keys, and the key with "use": "sig" (for validating the tokens) has the RSA256 algorithm which is supported, so the OIDC flow can complete successfully despite the warning.

If the only key returned from the jwks_uri endpoint uses an unsupported algorithm, this will cause the login to fail. To resolve this, you need to configure the OIDC provider to use a different algorithm, such as RSA256. If the OIDC provider does not support an alternative algorithm, you have to use a different OIDC provider, or raise a request with Event Endpoint Management to support that algorithm.