Attention: This version of Event Streams has reached End of Support. For more information about supported versions, see the support matrix.

What’s new

Find out what is new in Event Streams version 10.4.

Kafka version upgraded to 2.8.0

Event Streams version 10.4.0 includes Kafka release 2.8.0, and supports the use of all Kafka interfaces.

Integration with OpenShift Container Platform monitoring

The Application Monitoring feature became formally available in OpenShift Container Platform 4.6. In IBM Cloud Pak foundational services 3.7 and later (formerly known as Common Services), the monitoring service takes advantage of this feature. OpenShift Container Platform monitoring leverages the Prometheus stack and provides customized Grafana dashboards.

Event Streams supports the OpenShift Container Platform monitoring stack, providing metrics for monitoring the health of your cluster and Kafka operations.

Kafka Connect Source-to-Image is deprecated

The KafkaConnectS2I custom resource is deprecated in Event Streams version 10.4.0 and later. When installing new Kafka Connect instances, use the KafkaConnect custom resource and provide a pre-built image. The KafkaConnectS2I custom resource will be removed in future versions of Event Streams. Ensure your existing Kafka Connect clusters are migrated to use the KafkaConnect custom resource.

For more information, see Setting up and running connectors.

Kafka Connector topic status

Event Streams version 10.4.0 includes the KafkaConnector custom resource update to display topics being used by the connector in the status of the KafkaConnector custom resource.

Kafka Connect JMX configuration option

Event Streams version 10.4.0 includes the KafkaConnect custom resource update to add the JMX configuration option.

v1beta2 version of custom resources

Event Streams version 10.4.0 includes v1beta2 versions of Strimzi custom resources.