Attention: This version of Event Streams has reached End of Support. For more information about supported versions, see the support matrix.

What’s new

Releases 2019.2.2 and 2019.2.3

Event Streams 2019.2.2 and 2019.2.3 introduce support for the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration solution. For information about installing Event Streams as a capability, see the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration documentation.

Important: Event Streams 2019.2.2 and 2019.2.3 are only available as part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration solution. Event Streams 2019.2.2 and 2019.2.3 have the same features as the 2019.2.1 release.

Release 2019.2.1

Find out what is new in Event Streams version 2019.2.1.

Schemas and schema registry

Event Streams now supports schemas to define the structure of message data, and provides an Event Streams schema registry to manage schemas.

Connector catalog

Event Streams includes a connector catalog listing all connectors that have been verified with Event Streams, including community-provided connectors and connectors supported by IBM.

Enhanced support for Kafka Connect

Event Streams now provides enhanced support for Kafka Connect to help integrate external systems with your Event Streams instance.

TLS encryption for inter-pod communication

You now have the option to encrypt inter-pod communication by using TLS to enhance security.

Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI)

All Event Streams images are now based on Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) 8.

Support for IBM Z has changed

Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) 8 runs on z13 or later IBM mainframe systems.

Kafka version upgraded to 2.2.0

Event Streams version 2019.2.1 includes Kafka release 2.2.0, and supports the use of all Kafka interfaces.

Event Streams Community Edition available on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

You can now install Event Streams Community Edition on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Support for IBM Cloud Private version 3.2.0

In addition to IBM Cloud Private 3.1.2, Event Streams 2019.2.1 is also supported on IBM Cloud Private 3.2.0.

Default resource requirements have changed.

See the updated tables for the Event Streams resource requirements.