Welcome to the IBM Cloud Satellite sales enablement demonstration. There are 4 parts to this demonstration as seen in the left hand navigation:

  • Part 1 - IBM Cloud Satellite overview
  • Part 2 - Deploy an IBM Cloud Satellite enabled service
  • Part 3 - Deploy an OpenShift application
  • Part 4 - Preparing for a client demonstration

Each of these sections has detailed steps for demonstrating IBM Cloud Satellite. Click on each section name in the left hand navigation bar to expand the section.

In Part 1 and Part 2, you will see how the demonstration environment was built and how you can perform a "baking show" type of demonstration using the IBM Cloud Portal or videos made available in this demonstration script. You will not actually be deploying a new Satellite Location or Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud cluster, as these activities take a significant amount of time and money. In Part 1, you will also learn how to use the IBM Cloud Shell and IBM Cloud Satellite command line interfaces (CLI). It is important to complete the CLI steps as the activities you will perform in Part 3 are dependent on them. In Part 3, you will use the IBM Cloud Portal to deploy a cloud native application. This section provides a compelling demonstration to potential clients. Finally in Part 4, learn how to prepare for a client demonstration as well as the Stand and Deliver that is required to complete the IBM Cloud Satellite Level 3 learning plan.


It is important to complete each part of the demonstration to gain a full understanding of how to best demonstrate IBM Cloud Satellite. Some later sections

To complete your IBM Cloud Satellite Sales Level 3 training, you must complete each of the sections. When done, return to the Your Learning plan (https://yourlearning.ibm.com/activity/PLAN-7D757C8B58E7), and mark this activity complete.


Note, you can access this demonstration environment at any time via IBM Tech Zone https://techzone.ibm.com/collection/se-l3-ibm-cloud-satellite. Once you are comfortable with the environment, it can quickly and easily be leveraged for customer demonstrations. In most cases, depending on your audience, the Deploy an OpenShift application section will be most appropriate for customer demonstrations.

You can also leverage the IBM Cloud Satellite collection here for longer client demonstrations or proof-of-concepts. Be aware, additional provisioning time and manual configurations are required. Refer to the documentation in the collection.

Helpful tips for using this demonstration environment

This demonstration script is organized in parts and chapters. Most chapters contain numbered steps, which are typically actions that you will perform.

Throughout the lab, you will see images that are examples of what you should be seeing during the step. In some instances, you will see the following styles of highlighting in those images:

  • Action highlight box: Illustrates where you should click, enter, or select an item:

  • Path/explore highlight box: Illustrates one of two things:

  • the path to follow to get to a specific location in the user interface

  • areas to explore on your own

  • Copy to clipboard box: Text that is copied to your clipboard. Click the copy icon (highlighted below) and then paste using your operating systems paste function, for example, entering Ctrl+v, Cmd+v, or right click and select paste.

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