The Big Event

To prepare for a client demonstration, it is important to:

  • know your audience
  • know what you want the audience to walk away with (goals of demonstration)
  • define the flow of the demonstration

In this scenario, we are preparing for a demonstration for a potential client. The IBM account team has scheduled a half day virtual session to give the client an overview of IBM Cloud. In attendance will be:

  • the Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • the head of the Infrastructure Technology (IT)
  • technical architects from the IT organization
  • technical architects from various Lines of Business (LoBs) that are interested in moving their applications to "the cloud"

We only have 30 minutes on a very tight agenda and have been instructed to leave time for questions at the end. We will be following a brief presentation a colleague is doing on the benefits of IBM Cloud Satellite using the IBM Cloud Satellite Client Deck. The slot on our agenda is titled "IBM Cloud Satellite: Live Demonstration". The goals for the demonstration are:

  • Show how easy it is to deploy IBM Cloud Satellite to a public cloud provider
  • Show how easy it is to deploy an IBM Cloud Satellite enabled services
  • Show how IBM Cloud Satellite can be used to deploy and manage a cloud native application to remote data centers

Given the limited amount of time we are allotted, we have decided to leverage an existing environment that already has a Satellite Location deployed with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud. We will use a "baking show" approach in our demonstration and focus the majority of our time on the ease of application deployment and management using IBM Cloud Satellite config.

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