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Configurations allow you to upload or create Kubernetes resource YAML file versions that you want to deploy to one or more Red Hat OpenShift clusters. Once you create versions, the Kubernetes resources can be deployed by adding a subscription to your configuration. The subscription specifies the version to be deployed and the target cluster group(s).

  1. Find the unique identifier for your demonstration environment.


In this demonstration environment, an IBM Cloud Satellite configuration and Red Hat OpenShift project (also known as a namespace) have already been created for you using a unique identifier based upon your IBM identification (IBMid). You will need this value throughout this demonstration. We will refer to this value as Demo-UUID throughout this guide.

This unique identifier can be found in the IBM Technology Zone reservation email with the subject "Your environment is ready" or in your reservation details on the IBM Technology Zone web site. If you have the e-mail, look for the Namespace bullet. Your unique identifier is the value similar to #######abc-ns.

If you do not have the e-mail, follow the steps below to find your unique identifier.

a. Open the details card for the IBM Cloud Satellite - Sales Enablment L3 IBM Technology Zone reservation:

b. Find and record the Namespace value in the Environment section of the details page. This is your Demo-UUID and will have a format similar to #######abc-ns.

  1. If you closed the IBM Cloud portal after the previous step, open the IBM Cloud portal to the Satellite Clusters page:

  2. Find the configuration with the name of your Demo-UUID.

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