Demonstration setup


Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

  • Alexander Graham Bell

Don't wait to the last minute. Make sure the IBM TechZone environment you need is up and running the day before the event and will be available for at least one additional day in case someone wants a follow-up. Setup all the tools you will need before hand. Given this event will be virtual, make sure everything works with the e-meeting technology you will be using (i.e. WebEx, Zoom, etc).


Practice makes perfect.

  • Benjamin Franklin

Make sure you practice the demonstration flow. There is nothing more embarrassing than a demonstration that fails. Know the steps you are going to take. Know what you will say. Plan on handling errors that may occur. If you are using the "baking show" approach, make sure you practice what you will say in the transition from canceling out of doing an actual creation of a resource to moving to a fully provisioned instance of the resource. And most importantly, practice, practice, practice.

Before completing this activity and watching the final video of the IBM Cloud Satellite L3 Seller learning plan, watch this informal, unscripted video on how the presenter set up for the client event.

Note: If the video appears blurry, click the fullscreen or icon.

Here is the high level flow used the video above:

- Show architecture we are building
- Provision a location
    - Talk about public cloud providers we support including Satellite Infrastructure Service
    - Talk about on-prem deployments
    - Show “on-premises&edge” order page
    - Show the provisioned location
    - Show all the hosts
- Provision a Sat-enabled service
    - Sort on satellite enabled
    - Talk about the services
    - Mention Cloud Paks (NDA)
    - Show OpenShift order page
    - Show deployed cluster
    - Show web consoles (already open) by moving this portal to left half screen
- Deploy/Manage cloud native application
    - Show application architecture
    - Show dev/prod architecture
    - Show config architecture
    - Go to Sat Config screen
        - Show existing versions
        - Move portal to left half screen
            - Create Subscriptions - point out what is happening in the OpenShift consoles
                - kafka-mongo-redis-on-all-clusters
                - backend-on-all-clusters
                - frontend-on-dev-clusters
                - frontend-on-prod-clusters
                - route-dev
                - route-prod
            - Show the update/rollback scenario
- Wrap up - any questions

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