Running a starter application

To learn more about how to create applications that can take advantage of Event Streams capabilities, you can use the starter application. The starter application can produce and consume messages, and you can specify the topic to send messages to and the contents of the message.

About the application

The starter application provides a demonstration of a Java application that uses the Vert.x Kafka Client to send events to, and receive events from, Event Streams. It also includes a user interface to easily view message propagation. The source code is provided in GitHub to allow you to understand the elements required to create your own Kafka application.

Downloading the application

If you do not already have the application, download the JAR file from the Event Streams UI.

  1. Log in to the Event Streams UI from a supported web browser (see how to determine the login URL for your Event Streams UI).
  2. Click the Try the starter application tile, or click Toolbox in the primary navigation, go to the Starter application section, and click Get started.
  3. Click Download JAR from GitHub.
  4. Download the JAR file for the latest release.

Generate security and configuration files

Before you can run the application, generate security and configuration files to connect to your Event Streams and the target topic.

Some of the following steps depend on your access permissions. If you are not permitted to generate credentials you will not see the Generate properties button and will have to obtain security and configuration files from your administrator before running the application. If you are not permitted to create topics, you will not be able to create a topic as part of this lesson and will have to use a pre-existing topic.

  1. From the Starter application menu opened in the previous step, click Generate properties to open the side panel.
  2. Enter an application name in the Starter application name field. This value is used by Event Streams to create a KafkaUser, which will provide your application with credentials to connect to Event Streams securely. Note: This name must be unique to avoid potential clashes with pre-existing KafkaUser resources.

  3. Select a new or existing topic to connect to. Note: When creating a new topic the name must be unique to avoid potential clashes with pre-existing topics.
  4. Click the Generate and download .zip button to download the compressed file, then extract the contents to your preferred location.

Running the application

Before running the application, ensure you have the following available:

  1. The application JAR file.
  2. A directory containing security and configuration files

Run the following command to start the application:

java -Dproperties_path=<configuration_properties_path> -jar <jar_path>/demo-all.jar


  • configuration_properties_path is the path to the directory containing the extracted security and configuration files.
  • jar_path is the path to the downloaded application JAR file.

Wait for the application to be ready. It will print out the following message:

Application started in Xms

When the application is ready, access the UI by using the following URL: http://localhost:8080. Use the start button in the UI to produce messages and see them consumed.