Admin API pod does not start when using OpenShift 4.6


The Admin API pod fails to start when creating an Event Streams instance on OpenShift Container Platform version 4.6, reporting a mount failure for volume kube-root-ca, openshift-service-ca, or both.


The Event Streams Admin API pod uses the OpenShift Container Platform ingress to query metrics data from Prometheus. The UI can then display the metrics in the monitoring and topics pages.

The REST client issuing the query requires access to the ingress CA certificate and the OpenShift Container Platform Service CA certificates. The certificates exist in ConfigMaps called kube-root-ca.crt and openshift-service-ca.crt. These ConfigMaps are injected into all namespaces on OpenShift Container Platform version 4.7 and later, but do not exist on version 4.6 and earlier.

Resolving the problem

In the namespace where you are installing the Event Streams instance, create a ConfigMap called kube-root-ca.crt and add the ingress CA certificates to the ConfigMap. You can do this by copying the contents of the default-ingress-cert ConfigMap from the openshift-config-managed namespace as follows:

oc get cm default-ingress-cert --namespace=openshift-config-managed -o yaml | sed 's/name: default-ingress-cert/name: kube-root-ca.crt/' | sed 's/namespace: openshift-config-managed/namespace: <target-namespace>/' | oc create -f -

Create an empty ConfigMap called openshift-service-ca.crt and inject the CA-bundle by adding the annotation "true" to the ConfigMap as follows:

cat << EOF | oc create -n <namespace> -f -
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: openshift-service-ca.crt
  annotations: 'true'