Managing gateways

When a gateway is deployed and configured to work with an Event Manager instance, it automatically registers and pulls the configuration from that Manager instance.

The Gateways page displays all the gateway instances registered with the Event Manager instance, their configuration status, and the gateway group to which they belong.

Gateway details

You can use the Gateways page to verify the expected set of gateway instances has been deployed and configured correctly.

The following details are available for each configured gateway instance:

  • The gateway’s unique ID
  • The addresses (hostname and port) client applications will use to access the gateway
  • The last time this gateway interacted with the Event Manager instance (Last connection)
  • The gateway group this gateway belongs to
  • A high level gateway status indication

The status of a gateway is derived through the last connection time. To provide access to event sources, gateways frequently contact the Event Manager instance they are registered with. If a gateway has not been active within 90 minutes, it will be moved to a warning state.