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Create a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

In this section, you will create and configure a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and configure the related resources for your VPC like the subnet, security group and floating IP.

Environment Variables

Set the following environment variables to be used in the remainder of the tutorial. Set the USERNAME to a unique value shorter than 10 characters and set the IBMID to the email you used to create the IBM Cloud account. The other variables don't need to be changed but you can choose to rename them if you prefer.


Using the previous values, set the following environment variables,


Set Targets

Target the region and the resource group to create our VPC environment.

ibmcloud target -r $MY_REGION -g $RESOURCE_GROUP

The VPC must be set up in the same multi-zone metro location where you want to create your cluster. Target generation 2 infrastructure.

$ ibmcloud is target --gen 2
Target Generation: 2

Create a VPC

This section uses the IBM Cloud CLI to create a cluster in your VPC on generation 2 compute.

Create a VPC,

$ ibmcloud is vpc-create $MY_VPC_NAME

Creating vpc bnewell-vpcgen2-vpc1 in resource group bnewell-vpc-rg under account B. Newell's Account as user

ID                                             r006-1b267b51-9651-4922-b95c-8a3243226207   
Name                                           bnewell-vpcgen2-vpc1   
CRN                                            crn:v1:bluemix:public:is:us-south:a/3fe3c0de197257ef62d81c9f9c0f33aa::vpc:r006-1b267b51-9651-4922-b95c-8a3243226207   
Status                                         pending   
Classic access                                 false   
Created                                        2021-09-25T15:26:39+00:00   
Resource group                                 ID                                 Name      
                                               6542804b7f1040e59d7db25f53d5db18   bnewell-vpc-rg      

Default network ACL                            ID                                          Name      
                                               r006-d3ecc69b-57e5-4618-992c-24a1ffc99976   stint-gainfully-delicacy-perceive      

Default security group                         ID                                          Name      
                                               r006-ba25832d-43da-4be4-a17f-661512eac237   empathy-levitator-flogging-gleeful      

Default routing table                          ID                                          Name      
                                               r006-85df0100-0c86-4f1a-b182-9eb692740f2c   reconvene-stoplight-freebie-preamble      

Cloud Service Endpoint source IP addresses:    Zone         Address      

Check your VPC was created successfully,

$ ibmcloud is vpcs

Listing vpcs in resource group bnewell-vpc-rg and region us-south under account B. NEWELL's Account as user
ID                                          Name                     Status      Classic access   Default network ACL                 Default security group               Resource group   
r006-1b267b51-9651-4922-b95c-8a3243226207   bnewell-vpcgen2-vpc1   available   false            stint-gainfully-delicacy-perceive   empathy-levitator-flogging-gleeful   bnewell-vpc-rg  

Set an environment variable MY_VPC_ID,

MY_VPC_ID=$(ibmcloud is vpcs --output json | jq -r '.[] | select( .name=='\"$MY_VPC_NAME\"') | .id ')
echo $MY_VPC_ID


Next, Create a Subnet.