Sharing topics with Event Endpoint Management

Event Streams 11.3.1 icon After you set up a connection with Event Endpoint Management, you can share your topic from the Event Streams UI.

Complete the following steps to share your topic with Event Endpoint Management:

  1. Log in to your Event Streams UI as an administrator from a supported web browser (see how to determine the login URL for your Event Streams UI).
  2. Click the Topics tab in the primary navigation and then select a topic from the list of topics.
  3. Click Share for reuse.
  4. In the Select an instance section, select the Event Endpoint Management instance that you want to share your Event Streams topic with, and then click Next.
  5. In the Provide access token section, enter the access token that you created earlier, and click Next.
  6. In the Review details section, enter a topic alias.

    • Optional: If available, a sample message of your topic is displayed in the Sample message text box. You can also add a sample message now, or edit the sample.

      Note: Ensure that you review the sample message in case sensitive information is displayed, as the sample will be available in the Event Endpoint Management catalog for other users to view.

    • Optional: To select a schema from the schema registry, click Select.

      Important: If you select a nested Avro schema with custom record type, you must replace the custom record type name in it with the entire schema definition before publishing the topic as an option in Event Endpoint Management. You can find the schema with the required definition in your schema registry. For more information about editing nested Avro schemas, see Event Endpoint Management documentation.

      Note: If the schema registry is empty, the Select option is unavailable.

  7. Click Share for reuse to share your topic with Event Endpoint Management.

You are redirected to the Event Endpoint Management UI from where you can create and publish the topic data as an option. After you have published the option, consumers can subscribe to an option as required.

Note: When you create an event source in Event Endpoint Management, the following items are also created:

  • A Kafka user is created in Event Streams with read access to your topic, and the Kafka user is used by Event Endpoint Management.
  • A cluster definition is created in Event Endpoint Management with information about your Event Streams instance and the Kafka user.