OpenShift upgrade: fixing scheduling on node and node degraded errors


Upgrading your OpenShift Container Platform version where Event Streams is installed fails, with error messages about failing to schedule nodes or nodes reporting a degraded status, similar to the following:

Cluster operator machine-config cannot be upgraded between minor versions: One or more machine config pool is degraded.


When your OpenShift Container Platform has less than 3 worker nodes, the Event Streams pod anti-affinity rules allow multiple Kafka or ZooKeeper pods to be scheduled on the same node. This can cause a block for OpenShift Container Platform upgrades where terminating multiple Kafka or ZooKeeper pods on the node will violate the pod disruption budget, which prevents the node being drained.

Resolving the problem

To resolve this issue, you can add an extra node, or force a rebalance of the Kafka and ZooKeeper pods across the nodes to allow the upgrade to continue.

You can initiate a rebalance as follows:

  1. Identify the nodes that have multiple Kafka pods:

    oc get pods -o wide
  2. Cordon off the nodes with any Kafka pods running, leaving only the node available that has no running Kafka pods scheduled or ready:

    oc adm cordon <worker_node_name>
  3. Delete one of the Kafka pods on the node with two Kafka pods running. As only one node is scheduled or ready, the Kafka pod restarts on the available node.

    oc delete pod <pod_name>
  4. Verify that the Kafka pods are now all distributed across the nodes:

    oc get pods -o wide
  5. Remove the cordon from the nodes to make all nodes available:

    oc adm uncordon <worker_node_name>
  6. Repeat the previous steps for ZooKeeper pods.