Errors in IBM MQ connectors

Find out how to troubleshoot the common errors in IBM MQ connectors such as the IBM MQ source connector and the IBM MQ sink connector.

Exactly-once failure scenarios

The MQ connector is designed to fail on start-up in certain cases to ensure that exactly-once delivery is not compromised. In some of these failure scenarios, an IBM MQ administrator should remove messages from the exactly-once state queue before the MQ connector can start up and deliver messages from the sink or the source queue again. In these cases, the MQ connector has the FAILED status and the Kafka Connect logs describe any required administrative action.

MQRC_NOT_AUTHORIZED exception in MQ sink connector when enabling MQMD


When attempting to send a message to an IBM MQ queue, an MQException with code MQRC_NOT_AUTHORIZED (reason code 2035) and completion code 2 is thrown.


The MQRC_NOT_AUTHORIZED exception indicates insufficient permissions on the queue and the queue manager.

Resolving the problem

  1. Review permissions: Ensure that the user has necessary permissions for accessing the queue and the queue manager.
  2. Grant authority: If the user does not have the necessary permissions, assign required authorities to the user.
  3. Set Context: Set WMQ_MQMD_MESSAGE_CONTEXT property for required properties.

Additional guidance

See the following guidance to help you avoid this error:

  • Verify that the length of all properties are correctly set within the allowed limit.
  • Do not set the JMS_IBM_MQMD_BackoutCount property.
  • Refer to the IBM MQ documentation for detailed configuration guidance:

    • IBM MQ JMS Message Object Properties: This documentation provides details about various properties that can be set on IBM MQ JMS message objects, including their names, types, and descriptions.
    • IBM MQ Developer Community: The developer community for IBM MQ, where you can find forums, articles, and resources related to development and troubleshooting for IBM MQ.
    • IBM MQ troubleshooting guide: IBM guide for troubleshooting common issues and errors in IBM MQ.