Error when creating multiple geo-replicators


After providing a list of topic names when creating a geo-replicator, only the first topic successfully replicates data.

The additional topics specified are either not displayed in the destination cluster UI Topics view, or are displayed as <origin-release>.<topic-name> but are not enabled for geo-replication.


When using the CLI to set up replication, the list of topics to geo-replicate included spaces between the topic names in the comma-separated list.

Resolving the problem

Ensure you do not have spaces between the topic names. For example, if you specified the topics parameter with spaces such as:

--topics MyTopicName1, MyTopicName2, MyTopicName3
--topics "MyTopicName1, MyTopicName2, MyTopicName3"

Remove the spaces between the topic names and re-apply the command using a topics parameter with no spaces such as:

--topics MyTopicName1,MyTopicName2,MyTopicName3