user – Create new users or change/remove attributes of users on AIX.


This module facilitates the creation of a new user with provided attributes, the modification of attributes of existing user and the deletion of user.


The below requirements are needed on the host that executes this module.

  • AIX >= 7.1 TL3

  • Python >= 2.7

  • Root user is required.


state (True, str, None)

Specifies the action to be performed for the user.

present to create user with provided name and attributes in the system.

absent to delete user with provided name. If username is not present then message will be displayed.

modify to change the specified attributes with provided value of the given username.

name (True, str, None)

Specifies the user name for which the action is to be taken.

attributes (optional, dict, None)

Specifies the attributes to be changed or created for the user.

remove_password (optional, bool, True)

Specifies if the password information should be deleted from the system’s password file while performing the delete operation on username.

change_passwd_on_login (optional, bool, False)

Specifies if the user is required to change the password when logging in the first time after the password change operation is performed.

password (optional, str, None)

Specifies the encrypted string for the password to create or change the password.


- name: Create user aixguest1010
    state: present
    name: aixguest1010
    change_passwd_on_login: False
    password: as$12ndhkfjk$1c
      home: /home/test/aixguest1010
      data: 1272

Return Values

msg (always, str, Username is created SUCCESSFULLY: aixguest1010)

The execution message.

rc (If the command failed., int, )

The return code.

stdout (If the command failed., str, )

The standard output.

stderr (If the command failed., str, )

The standard error.


  • This module is not guaranteed to have a backwards compatible interface. [preview]

  • This module is maintained by community.


  • AIX Development Team (@pbfinley1911)