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Lab 5: Cleanup the project

We will delete all applications from your Code Engine project. Remember, the Keycloak application for the Identity and Access Management isn't configured to scale to zero, because the application is stateful and contains the realm configuration, which will be delete, if you would restart the application. Here we just delete all applications to avoid additional costs for you.

Note: You can also us the UI, in that Lab we use a bash script using the IBM Cloud Code Engine CLI

Step 1: Open the IBM Cloud Shell

Use following link to directly open the IBM Cloud Shell.

In your browser, login to the IBM Cloud Dashboard and open the IBM Cloud Shell from here:

Step 2: IBM Cloud Shell

Now you are logged on with your IBM Cloud account.

Step 3: (Optional) Clone the GitHub project to the IBM Cloud Shell

In case your IBM Cloud Shell session has expired it cloud be that the cloned project was deleted. Then you need to clone the project again, because we will use a bash script for the deletion of the project.

git clone
cd ce-cns

Step 4: Now set the environment variable for later usage

REMEMBER! Code Engine project name cloud-native-starter-[YOUR-EXTENTION]

export MYPROJECT=cloud-native-starter-[YOUR-EXTENTION]

Step 3: Execute following bash automation


Relevant for your configuration are following variables in the bash script:

export PROJECT_NAME=$MYPROJECT #your project name
export RESOURCE_GROUP=default #the resource group you defined during the creation of the project
export REPOSITORY=tsuedbroecker #the name of the public container repository on Quay
export REGION="us-south" #the region with is used when you choose Dallas as location during the creation of the project

Step 4: Inspect the execution output

The following shows an example execution result of the bash script.

 Here are your remaing applications in your project cloud-native-starter-tsuedbro
Listing all applications...

Congratulations, you have successfully completed this hands-on workshop. Awesome you did it ⭐ ⭐ ⭐