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Lab 2: Inspect the Code Engine project

Step 1: Open the Code Engine project

Use following link to directly navigate to the Code Engine projects and open the created project.

Step 2: Select Overview

In the following image you see:

  1. The summary containing the Applications, Jobs, Image builds, Registry access, Secrets and Configmaps. In our case only the four applications are relevant.
  2. The currenly usage of our application.

Step 3: Select Applications

Here you find an overview of the currently running applications. (FYI The Code Engine definition for an application: A program that serves HTTP requests)

Step 4: Open the web-api application

Here we find the configurations for the application.

  • First select the Code tab. Here you see our container image reference to the Quay container registry.

  • Then select the Runtime tab. The configuration for the instances, vCPU, memory and requests.

Note: For more details about valid vCPU and Memory combinations please visit the documentation here .

  • Now select to Environment variables tab.

Here you see the routes for the wep-api microservice to setup the connections internal articels microservice and the external Keycloak application.

Note: In following code you see the Code Engine CLI invocation for the web-api microservice, that is used in the bash script. It reflects what you see in the Code Engine UI.

# Valid vCPU and memory combinations:
    ibmcloud ce application create --name web-api \
                                --image "$REPOSITORY/web-api-ce:v7" \
                                --cpu "0.5" \
                                --memory "1G" \
                                --env QUARKUS_OIDC_AUTH_SERVER_URL="$KEYCLOAK_URL/auth/realms/quarkus" \
                                --env CNS_ARTICLES_URL="http://articles.$NAMESPACE.svc.cluster.local/articles" \
                                --max-scale 1 \
                                --min-scale 0 \
                                --port 8081

Congratulations, you have successfully completed this hands-on lab Inspect the Code Engine project of the workshop. Awesome ⭐