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Lab 3: Application Monitoring

Here we use the IBM Cloud Monitoring (lite plan) service.

Create the monitoring service automatically

You can create the lite service instances for logging and monitoring by using this bash script.


Open the monitoring for all applications

Step 1: Go back to the project overview

Step 2: Select Actions -> Monitoring

Step 3: Verify that IBM Cloud Monitoring opens in the browser

Create an IBM Cloud Monitoring service manually

Step 1: Select Add monitoring

In case you don't have an existing instance of IBM Cloud Monitoring Code Engine will automatically guide you to create a lite plan instance, when you select Add monitoring.

Step 2: In the upcoming dialog select Lite and leave the defaults selected for region and resource group

Name the service instance IBMCloudMonitoring-Code-Engine and press Create.

Step 3: Refresh your browser with your Code Engine project.

Now you will notice that you can select Actions -> Monitoring.

Inspect the monitoring posibilities

Step 1: Expore the given monitoring posibilities

For more details please use the IBM Cloud Code Engine documentation for monitoring.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed this hands-on lab Application Monitoring of the workshop. Awesome ⭐