Interacting with z/OS

In VS Code, you can interact with z/OS in the Terminal window by using commands provided by IBM RSE API plug-in for Zowe CLI (RSE CLI plug-in), Zowe CLI, or both. For more information about their differences, see Comparison between Zowe CLI and RSE CLI plug-in.

Additionally, you can graphically navigate and access file and job resources on z/OS by using the Zowe Explorer VS Code extension. It is recommended to use Zowe Explorer, with which you can edit COBOL, PL/I, and HLASM files that are opened on z/OS MVS™ and USS, and run JCL and browse job spool files.

After you choose and install the prerequisites according to Setting up integrations to interact with z/OS, refer to the following usage instructions:

Available host componentTo use command line, see...To use graphical interface, see...
RSE APIUsing RSE CLI plug-in commandsUsing RSE API in Zowe Explorer and Using Zowe Explorer views
z/OSMFUsing Zowe CLI z/OSMF commandsWorking with Zowe Explorer profilesopen in new window and Using Zowe Explorer views

Supported methods of authentication

While interacting with z/OS, users need to authenticate with the host system. Zowe CLI, along with it's plugins, have numerous ways available for users to authenticate and secure credentials. Secure credential encryptionopen in new window is now included in Zowe CLI, storing credentials and other values set by the user to be stored securely, using the local device's credential manager.

Types of authentication supported by Zowe include passwords, passphrases, JSON web token (JWT) authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Zowe CLI requires authenticating with the Zowe API Mediation Layer (ML)open in new window for SSO, JWT, and MFA support.

The RSE CLI plug-in supports passwords, passphrases, and JWT authentication directly with the RSE API host component. If the RSE API host component is registered with the Zowe API ML, all of the methods of authentication supported by the API ML will be available for RSE profiles as well.

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