Interacting with z/OS

In VS Code, you can interact with z/OS in the Terminal window by using commands provided by IBM RSE API plug-in for Zowe CLI (RSE CLI plug-in), Zowe CLI, or both. For more information about their differences, see Comparison between Zowe CLI and RSE CLI plug-in.

Additionally, you can graphically navigate and access file and job resources on z/OS by using the Zowe Explorer VS Code extension. It is recommended to use Zowe Explorer, with which you can edit COBOL, PL/I, and HLASM files that are opened on z/OS MVS™ and z/OS UNIX System Services, and run JCL and browse job spool files.

After you choose and install the prerequisites according to Setting up integrations to interact with z/OS, refer to the following usage instructions:

Available host componentTo use command line, see...To use graphical interface, see...
RSE APIUsing RSE CLI plug-in commandsUsing RSE API in Zowe Explorer and Using Zowe Explorer views
z/OSMFUsing Zowe CLI z/OSMF commandsWorking with Zowe Explorer profilesopen in new window and Using Zowe Explorer views

See Supported methods of authentication.

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