Enabling and disabling problems in IBM Z Open Editor

IBM Z Open Editor performs real-time syntax checking and provides annotations that describe problems or errors in COBOL, HLASM, PL/I, REXX, and JCL code:

  • To see the annotations that describe a specific error, hover over the red underlined code in the editor.
  • To see annotations for all errors and warnings for all opened editors, open the Problems view by pressing Ctrl+Shift+M (on Windows) or Cmd+Shift+M (on Mac).

You can enable or disable the showing of problems in your programs when you are maintaining other language features by using the settings provided by IBM Z Open Editor. The showing of problems is enabled by default. To disable the showing of problems in a specific language, specify the following preference setting:

"zopeneditor.<language>.disableProblems": true

Note: Disabling COBOL's problems will also disable unreachable code warnings. For more information, see Enabling and disabling unreachable COBOL code warnings.

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Contributors: Ethan Mendel, Chun Hong Zheng, Prasang Prajapati