Migrating your old Zowe yaml profiles for Zowe v2.0

When upgrading to Zowe Explorer v2.0, you are still able to use your old YAML based profiles. The following steps are provided in order to keep your old profiles working and utilize them in your workspace:

Migrating through Zowe CLI

  1. Review your installed Zowe plugins from Zowe CLI by running zowe plugins list and verify that the secure credential store plugin is not installed.

  2. Issue the following command in your terminal zowe scs revert --force.

  3. If the secure credential store plugin is installed, run the following command to uninstall zowe plugins uninstall @zowe/secure-credential-store-for-zowe-cli.

  4. Verify your plugins are updated to a version compatible with Zowe CLI v7.0.0, otherwise you can uninstall your installed Zowe plugins by using zowe plugins uninstall <your zowe plugin name> for each plugin installed.

  5. Install the new version of Zowe CLI by running npm update -g @zowe/cli@zowe-v2-lts.

Migrating through Zowe Explorer VS Code Extension

  1. If auto-install is disabled, update Zowe Explorer by going to "extensions > Zowe Explorer" in Visual Studio Code and clicking the Update button.

After performing the previous steps, your old YAML based profiles can be migrated to a team config file with the following command: zowe config convert-profiles.

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Contributors: Rudy Leonel Pichola Flores, Kimberlee Maselli