Setting preferences

Before using IBM Z Open Editor, you can set preferences that control the characteristics of your environment.

Accessing settings for IBM Z® Open Editor

To open the settings for IBM Z Open Editor, follow the steps below:

  1. In VS Code, open Settings.

    • On Windows, click File > Preferences > Settings.
    • On Mac, click Code > Preferences > Settings.
  2. To display the setting options for IBM Z Open Editor, expand the Extensions dropdown in the list on the left. Click on the entry IBM Z Open Editor.

  3. All the preferences shown in the visual editor are represented as JSON. Complex preferences that are not just simple values must be entered by using the JSON editor itself. To open it, select the scope tab first: User tab or Workspace tab, and then open the JSON view by clicking Edit in settings.json, or by clicking on the Open Settings (JSON) icon on the upper-right of the editor.

  4. In the resulting JSON view, you can set the following preferences for IBM Z Open Editor:

    • Setting property groups: Define how the COBOL, PL/I, and HLASM editors look for component files such as copybooks and includes when you edit a program.
    • Setting file associations: Specify names of data sets that are expected to contain COBOL, PL/I, or HLASM programs, copybooks, includes, and JCL.

User preferences versus workspace preferences

In the editor panel, a list of preference groups is displayed, along with editor tabs for both the User and Workspace Preferences. Switch between these tabs to decide in which scope you want to add a preference.

User preferences

User preferences apply to the current user across different workspaces. User preferences include not only typical user preferences related to accessibility, such as font sizes and editor behavior for code completion, but also z/OS® host connection information. The settings are stored for the user in the home directory and are not shared with other users.

Workspace preferences

Workspace preferences apply to the current workspace and are stored inside the .vscode directory at the root of that workspace. If you share the workspace with other users through Git, the settings can be shared if the settings are intended to be the same for all users. You would set preferences that should apply regardless of who makes the edits, such as the Tab size, and path names for includes and other preferences.

Note: The workspace preferences override user preferences.

For more information on the differences, refer to the User and Workspace Settingsopen in new window documentation.

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