Other Visual Studio Code extensions

In addition to IBM Z Open Editor and Zowe Explorer, there are some other Visual Studio Code extensions that provide added value and integrations with technology relevant for enterprise application developers. The following table shows some examples.

Note: These extensions are independent of IBM Z Open Editor and supported by the respective publishers according to their specific terms.

Extension nameDescription
AnsibleThis extension adds language support for Ansible to Visual Studio Code. It can be used to write Ansible playbooks as well as Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM Zopen in new window. To install this extension, see Ansibleopen in new window.
GitLensThis is the ultimate extension for using Visual Studio Code with Git providing graphical views and commands for almost all Git capabilities. To install this extension, see GitLens — Git superchargedopen in new window.
IBM Db2 for z/OS Developer ExtensionThis is an extension for Visual Studio Code that provides language support for developing Db2 for z/OS SQL applications. To install this extension, see IBM Db2 for z/OS Developer Extensionopen in new window.
IBM Z Open DebugThis extension provides a Debugger user interface in Visual Studio Code for COBOL and other languages using the IBM Z Debugger. It consists of two extensions: the core IBM Z Open Debugopen in new window and the graphical IBM Z Open Debug Profiles viewopen in new window.
Todo TreeThis is a popular extension for navigating and managing comment tags such as TODO in source code. To install this extension, see Todo Treeopen in new window.
YAMLZ Open Editor uses YAML for configuration files such as ZAPP. The YAML extension provides comprehensive YAML language support to Visual Studio Code to read the JSON/YAML schema and provide code completion and validation. To install this extension, see YAMLopen in new window.
Zowe Explorer Extension for FTPZowe Explorer is loaded by Z Open Editor and supports RSE API and z/OSMF, but if you want to use FTP as a transfer protocol, you can install Zowe Explorer Extension for FTPopen in new window.
Zowe Explorer for IBM CICSThis CICS Extension for Zowe Explorer adds additional functionality to the popular Visual Studio Code extension, Zowe Explorer. This extension allows interactions with CICS regions and programs and provides the ability to run commands against them. To install this extension, see Zowe Explorer for IBM CICSopen in new window.
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