Troubleshooting using log files

You can enable logging for IBM Z Open Editor to produce detailed logs that can be used to troubleshoot problems. Logs can be valuable inputs when you file defects or contact technical support (if you are entitled to it). You can enable logging via a user preference setting called zopeneditor.logger. In the VS Code Preferences editor, select from the allowed log levels: DEBUG, INFO (default), WARNING, ERROR and OFF.

Once logging is enabled, you can find the logging output in two places:

  • In the VS Code Output panel, by selecting IBM Z Open Editor from the drop-down.
  • A log file written to your disk. More details on the logs for IBM Z Open Editor and its integrations can be found further below.

If you use IBM Z Open Editor with Eclipse Che or Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces, you can also enable logging by specifying the same user preference setting, zopeneditor.logger. To find the generated log file, open a Terminal window in the container called ibm-wazi???, with the question marks being replaced by randomly generated characters. Do not mistake that with the default user content container called wazi, which you use for coding.

Finding versions of all VS Code extensions installed

  1. Ensure that your IBM Z Open Editor logger preference is set to DEBUG.

  2. In the Output console window, select IBM Z Open Editor from the drop down list. The following information will be listed:

    • IBM Z Open Editor version
    • Editor platform and version
    • Editor Installation information
    • Java SDK configuration location and memory allocation
    • Key user settings
    • Zowe Explorer VS Code Extension version
    • Other VS Code Extensions visible

    CRW Log Info

Locating VS Code extension and LSP log files on the local client

Log typeLocation
Main logThe location is specified in output console window on 2nd line.
** The log file is available at...
  • Windows example: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Code\logs\20200921T153526\exthost1\IBM.zopeneditor\zopeneditor-1-1-0.log
  • Mac example: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Code/logs/20200928T093225/exthost5/IBM.zopeneditor/zopeneditor-1-1-0.log
Language Server Protocol (LSP) logFind the line that begins with the following sentence to locate the LSP logs:
** ZLanguageServer: Will start a language server with command...

Then, find the -data, tag which immediately precedes the LSP log file location.
  • Windows example: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\_ws_<id>\.metadata/.log
  • Mac example: /var/folders/sr/qztfyx3d39z50jgl50ls_b0r0000gn/T/_ws_<id>/.metadata/.log
Zowe Explorer log
  • Windows example: C:\Users\username\.vscode\extensions\zowe.vscode-extension-for-zowe-1.9.0\logs
  • Mac example: /Users/username/.vscode/extensions/zowe.vscode-extension-for-zowe-1.9.0/logs
RSE API plug-in for Zowe CLI (RSE CLI plug-in) logsLog files can be found in two locations:
  • ~\.zowe\zowe\logs\
  • ~\.zowe\imperative\logs\

Finding Zowe CLI version and RSE CLI plug-in version

In the VS Code Terminal window, enter the applicable commands:

  • Command for Zowe CLI: zowe --version
  • Command for RSE CLI plug-in: zowe plugins list

Log levels

IBM Z Open Editor uses the log levels described in the following chart. These levels are listed in order of most to least detailed (with the exception of OFF, which turns off all logging). For example, the DEBUG setting will output detailed debug information as well as messages from the other levels below it: INFO, WARN, and ERROR. In contrast, the ERROR setting will only log important errors.

Log levelDescription
DebugIdentifies detailed informational events that are useful for troubleshooting the editor's behavior.
InfoProvides informative messages that are of general interest to the end user for observing activities performed by the editor.
WarnIndicates potentially problematic situations that could cause unexpected behaviors or errors.
ErrorDesignates error events that interrupted the editor in executing an operation as intended.
OffNothing is logged.
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