Sharing team configuration files

Team configuration files can be shared with others using a git project. For faster setup, a team lead can include a team configuration file with connection details in the code repository without any secure values. Each developer would enter their own secure values once they start using profiles. A team configuration file needs to be at the top level of project so that it can be read correctly in VS Code. An important thing to note is in order for the configuration profile to work properly the zowe.schema.json file needs to be included in the same folder as the team configuration profile.

Take a look at the location where your team configuration file resides.

  • If you created a global zowe.config.json, it was placed in ~/.zowe folder.
  • If you created a user configuration file scoped to 1 repository zowe.config.user.json, it was placed inside that repository.

In both cases, a zowe.schema.json file should have been automatically created and placed in the same folder. If the schema file is missing, team configuration files will not work. The schema file has definitions of the supported profile attributes. If you add an extender, such as RSE CLI plug-in, the extender will update the schema file to support new profile types. Therefore, make sure to share both the team configuration file and the zowe.schema.json file.

For more information about methods for sharing team configuration files, see Zowe documentationopen in new window.

Troubleshooting tips

You might run into situation wherethe zowe.schema.json file is not automatically updated by the extender, and extender profiles are not working. You can check by opening the schema file and looking for your extender defintions.

  • Use zowe config update-schemas to manually update the schema.
  • Use zowe config update-schemas --help for more options.

If your schema file is missing, the easiest solution is to re-create the team configuration file by using Zowe Explorer or Zowe CLI, and then the schema file will be automatically created in the same location.

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