Enabling and disabling unreachable COBOL code warnings

IBM Z Open editor performs real-time syntax checking and provides annotations that describe errors or warnings in COBOL code. To see the annotations that describe a specific error or warning, hover your mouse over the red or yellow underlined code in the editor. To see annotations for all errors and warnings for all opened editors, open the Problems view by pressing Ctrl+Shift+M (Windows) or Cmd+Shift+M (Mac).

IBM Z Open Editor provides settings to enable or disable unreachable code warnings in your COBOL program. Unreachable code in a program is code that can never be executed because there is no path to the code from the rest of the program.

IBM Z Open Editor performs real-time checking for unreachable COBOL code, but there are currently some limitations to what can be detected and there can be false positives. See the Known issues and limitations page for details. If you suffer from false warnings and want to disable the feature altogether, you can disable unreachable COBOL code warnings by specifying the following preference setting:

"zopeneditor.cobol.enableUnreachableCodeWarnings": false
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Contributors: Shi Kun Li, Min Huang, Peter Haumer, Lauren Li, Prasang-A-Prajapati